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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ionshaker Ultimate

After all is said and done Trey Woodley and Brett Dawson manage to recover the Ionshaker device from the roothless Al Fakir terror group. A lot of lives have been lost though and but it looks like the dark past of an imminent nuclear-powered third world war has passsed. At least Trey, Brett and their associates can go back to their normal boring lives.
But is it?
On their way to the beach to have a good time, Trey receives a call from the president.
"Trey," The president says.
"YesMr. President." Trey answers with a broad as Robin playfully pokes the side of his rib.
"I have received reliable intel that the Russians have made a replica of our Ionshaker nuclear device but we won't give them the chance to use it."
Trey keeps quiet as the president pauses briefly, he know what's coming. The president continues, "I need you to turn the car around. You and Brett are going to Russia to steal the Ionshaker Replica device," the president pauses again as Robin stares at her boyfriend with a frown. She can sense something is wrong. The president continues, " The mission is called Ionshaker Ultimate and I won't lie to you -  it is the ultimate suicide mission but you and Brett are the only ones I can send."


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