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Friday, July 31, 2015

BOOK ONE: Ionshaker Desperate

The U.S has created a cutting edge global nuclear management device that has taken over total control of all nuclear warheads on earth thereby ending the threat of a nuclear warfare because only the U.S through Ionshaker can launch a nuclear warhead. 
That’s great right? 
A global terrorist group called Al Fakir soon learns about the Ionshaker capabilities and manages to steal the state of the art device from the U.S. Now the power to start a nuclear powered third world is in the hands of terrorists. 
But what are Al Fakir’s intentions? 
That can only be left to their imagination and Al Fakir’s imagination is America’s nightmare. To make matters worse, other hostile nations including Iran, China, Russia, Pakistan and Syria want to buy the device from Al Fakir. 
What does the future hold for America with all the enemies they have made over the years? 
There is only one way to secure America again. To steal back Ionshaker from the terrorists. 
But how was the Ionshaker stolen from American possession in the first place? What will it take to get the device back? How many people will have to die to get the device back? Can the president survive the political pressure after losing Ionshaker? 

You don’t need to wonder any longer. Instead, delve into the first part of the action-packed, heart-thumping, adrenaline-rushing, scary Ionshaker series. Ionshaker Desperate is only the first book in the four book series. The second and third books to Ionshaker Desperate is already complete. For more details on the availability of the second and third books join my mailing list on this blog.

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