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Monday, August 3, 2015

About me

Hi, let me start by thanking you for visiting my profile. I know you didn't have to, that's why it means a lot that you're here. I was born in Mombasa Kenya but currently I live in Nairobi.

My first book is called Ionshaker Desperate, the first book in the Ionshaker series which will contain four book. Already I have wrote the second and third books in the series titled Ionshaker Ultimate and Ionshaker Sabotage. I've also wrote the first book in another series that I call Terror series and the first book in the Terror Alert.

So why have you only published one book if you have so many others? You might wonder.The best answer is I'm in the process. I am in the process of editing the second book Ionshaker Ultimate that I hope to release sometime in December 2015.

To get a sneak peak of the Ionshaker stories please read the synopses on this blog and please, please, please  join my mailing list.

If you wanna do somethin' on my blog like an interview, book review, guest post, whatever it is talk to me and we'll do it. My email is

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