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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ionshaker Review by Wendy Hines

A woman is murdered while her husband is at work. The police don't make much of the crime scene and the Feds are called in. Brett and his deputy, Nicole, head the case. They comb the entire crime scene but Brett is sure the husband did it. He should have been home from work hours ago and hasn't even called. He and Nicole start investigating, sure that Brooke was having a fling or the husband, Trey, was.

When Trey is found, he is driving fervently to get to a hospital. He knows nothing about his wife's death; he is on the way to intensive care where his ex is. He is listed as next of kin and must get their quickly, as Robin Ironside and her daughter were in a horrible vehicle accident.

Brett and Nicole follow up and find out that Robin indeed is in the hospital. They post guards and continue their investigation. Further look into the vehicle Robin was driving shows vandalism, and now they have two open cases, somehow related, but they aren't sure how.

When Robin disappears from the hospital, and Nicole's body is cremated within twenty-four hours, they realize that their clues are dwindling. They dig deeper and begin to unravel an international conspiracy. The Ionshaker is nuclear software and the country that controls it, controls the world. It's a huge power struggle and anyone who gets in the way will be marked for death.

Brimming with memorable characters, thrilling action shots, theories, titles, murder and more, Ironshaker is a quick-paced heart-thumping rollercoaster. Felix Timothy takes you on a ride from scene to scene, giving the reader glimpses to pull the clues from to determine who is responsible. If you enjoy reading mystery thrillers with a lot of chases, action and good detective work, give Ionshaker a try!!

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