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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Author Interview with David P Perlmutter.

What a fantastic Tuesday it is, why? because we have an opportunity to talk to another author. He'll tell us about his childhood, his work and his book. Enjoy.

First of all let me start by thanking you for agreeing to do an interview here. Maybe you could start by introducing yourself... 
My name is David P Perlmutter.
Any pseudonyms?
 None... I use my real name.
 Good. Please tell us about your childhood, where were you born, schooled etcetera, you know...the kid-stuff.  
Yeah of course. I was born in an area just outside London, called Edgware, Middlesex. To give Edgware some bearing, Paul Rudd the actor was born there before he went to USA with his parent. George Micheal's father had a restaurant in the High Street. I had a loving close nit upbringing, my family are very close. The street I was born in had many of my friends from School, which was within a 15 minute walk.
Good to know that you probably knew George Michael as a kid before he became 'the George Michael' we know. And where do you live now? 
Southern part of the UK.
Did you always want to be a writer?
Nope. what did you wanna be?
Its not that didn't  I enjoy writing...actually I did, but I also wanted to be a footballer.
I am a huge soccer fan myself. Arsenal - though we're not doing very well at the moment in the English premier league. And so  how did it go...I mean did you ever pursue football as a career?
 Yes. Infact I had several trials for a couple of soccer teams in the UK but I wasn't up to the high standard that was required there. 
So when it didn't work out with soccer?
When I was living in Portugal I co hosted a radio talk show which I enjoyed so much. Would love to try that again.
            I bet you talked a lot about soccer over there.  What about now, what do you do for work?
            I dabble in sales and marketing.
            So tell us, when did you first consider yourself as a "writer"?
            Well, I started writing my story as a blog 4 years ago and my friend (who is my editor) read the blog         and suggested that I continue the story as a book.
            And look at how it worked out. Now, about your book WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME, its              based on a true story, right?
Yes yes. WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME is based on a true story, and as the readers will read, the experiences were very harrowing.
At one point you managed to push your book to #1 position on, could you please share the tricks of pushing sells with us? Actually it was #1 in True Crime category on Amazon in the US and #1 in the Factual category  in Spain. 
Tricky tricky question. Without divulging too much, I can attribute that success to many many hours of marketing, which I enjoy. 'm sorry I cant say too much at the moment.
Okay , what do you think of author groups?
 I love them so I can discuss, but mainly to learn about other authors. To be honest, I do not think of myself as an author.
This' how I see it.  I have written one book, a true story, I give so much respect to writers who think up amazing and gripping story lines.
  And will you write another book?
I have another on the go and I hope to have it self published by the end of March 2013.
How long does it usually take you to write a book, from the original idea to finishing writing it? WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME took me 3 years to complete.
1 What genre would you place your books into? 
Wrong Place Wrong Time is biography, non fiction, true account, true crime.
 Do you have a favourite character from your books? and why are they your favourite? Tough question but as Wrong Place Wrong Time is about my trip to Spain then I guess I am the main character. But I would say that my late father was the star of the book.
 Which famous writers inspire you?
There are many authors I admire, Douglas Kennedy, Stephen King, James Patterson. Also I have meet many authors on twitter who I have read some of their books which are masterful.
And do you have anybody read your books and give you reviews before you officially release them? With Wrong Place Wrong Time I did not apart from my editor who read it before being self published.
Now for the following question I'm so curious to know, how do you market/promote your books?  
I use facebook, twitter, my blog and other areas which I cant say at the moment. 
Come on man!
Under strict rules from my editor.
Okay okay. What do you think makes a book a really good/bestseller ? 
The cover, a great story line and marketing to put the book in front of readers.
I can guess you're quite eclectic, so what do you do to unwind and relax?
 I play sport - football, tennis, meeting people and being with my children.
And as we wind up, where can readers follow you?
My blog details:

My Twitter handle:  @davepperlmutter

Your final word?
I have some very exciting news about the book Wrong Place Wrong Time which I will be releasing once it is confirmed. So please keep your fingers crossed…..Thank you.

Thank you indeed David, it was a pleasure. If you are interested in having an interview on this blog, please email me at

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