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Saturday, August 1, 2015

5 tips of becoming a successful indie author according to Lindsay Buroker

  • Among the many questions that run through an author's mind (and here I mean an indie author like me) is how to sell more books. This why I was so happy to read Lindsay Buroker 's interview where she gave practical suggestions from her own experience  on the possible ways of increasing your ebook sales. And FYI, she's a bestseller in the fantasy fiction genre, so listen to what she said. Among the suggestions she gave were making a mailing list, writing great books, and building your audience slowly.   Below is an except from the interview: 
  • "Becoming a full-time author has been a slow and steady process forLindsay. She was a full-time blogger and affiliate marketer before so she knows the importance of the mailing list and growing that over time. If you don’t have your own mailing list, you MUST start one! Here’s how. When Lindsay has a new book out, she sends an email out and that will send you up the charts if all your fans buy at once. This is a must-have secret weapon that many serious authors use. Lindsay also connects with people on her blog, twitter etc and builds her community from the back of her books. So make sure you invite people to sign up for your newsletter at the back of your bookclick the link bel
  • To get the full interview please click the following link

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